Andrew Parker came into the world 25 years ago under unusual circumstances. The blue and screaming half of a set of twins, he thrived and grew with a passion for music. Traveling the world with his family, he visited destinations ranging from the mundane (Kansas), to the exotic (Korea). These travels, combined with a love of music carried Andrew to where he is today. As a lead singer for his titular band, Raised By Tigers; he has cultivated a sound defined by those early life experiences and molded by a love of low-key instrumentally driven music with a focus on profound and insightful lyrics.

They started small with only Andrew turning out for various shows and open mics. Soon, through shared interests and prodigious talent Andrew met James (J-Fiddle), who now plays the fiddle. After forging ahead as a two-piece folksy duo, Raised By Tigers was born. Now they roam the streets of New York, looking for shows and places to share their passion for music.